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04/12/2014 - Comments Off on Kids Computer Concept

Kids Computer Concept

A little bit ahead of it's time. Jonathan Ive take note. Designed in 1992 during the third and final year of the product design degree in Manchester. Even included a rubber fold over cover.

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07/01/2011 - Comments Off on Pantone Puzzle

Pantone Puzzle

The Pantone Puzzle was proposed as a submission to the Late Tate night, Off The Wall at Tate Britain. The installation was based on the idea of reducing iconic paintings down to a signal colour. This colour would then be used to create large and limited edition puzzles in conjunction with Pantone. People at the event would participate in completing the puzzles and working out which paintings the colours came from.

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08/10/1998 - Comments Off on Getty Images

Getty Images

Approached by Getty Images to design special packaging for the image library CDs. Inspiration was taken from the classic kids building block ‘Stickle Bricks’ and a set of plastic cases were created which could then be joined together in different configurations.

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