A selection of projects for The Conran Shop including Wa-Japenese Style,  a festival of all things Japanese requiring branding, a product book and press poster. The book came in a bespoke handmade bag and the poster ingeniously, by the power of origami, folded up into a dog. The summer collection of products and outdoor furniture required art direction and design for a press book and catalogue. The concept of beaches and driftwood was used as a starting point, which led on to specific colours, textures and details. The press books were all hand-stitched and finished with the thread left untrimmed.
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Conran Japan 1920px 03Conran Japan 1920px 03
Conran Japan 1920px 01Conran Japan 1920px 01
Conran Japan 1920px 02Conran Japan 1920px 02
Conran Japan 1920px 04Conran Japan 1920px 04
Conran Japan 1920px 05Conran Japan 1920px 05
Conran Japan 1920px 06Conran Japan 1920px 06
Conran Outdoor 1920px 01Conran Outdoor 1920px 01
Conran Outdoor 1920px 02Conran Outdoor 1920px 02
Conran Outdoor 1920px 03Conran Outdoor 1920px 03